Use of seaweeds


This use of seawater is scientifically supported by the fact that it has innumerable active products in it such as minerals, water-soluble metalloid ions, polysaccharides and vitamins.

Human skin behaves as a semipermeable membrane that can absorb, exchange and eliminate toxins.

Fortunately for us Seaweeds have the great particularity to absorb all these beneficial elements of the Sea and concentrate them to a much greater proportion within them. Thanks to the seaweeds it is possible to obtain a marine natural product with similar characteristics, but improved which allows us to benefit directly from them since using seaweeds are an ideal way to mineralize the body and remove toxins.

Seaweeds have also a vital effect on the skin because of its antioxidant or free antiradical effect.

Free radicals are ions that are normally present in the body cells that cause severe damage when they increase in a higher amount than the normal. This action on the skin is one of the causes of aging signs.


In Thalassotherapy, seaweeds prevent the action of the excess free radicals, improving the quality of the skin and protecting it over the years.

The skin is a reflection of metabolism; of everything that happens in the body. Seaweeds stimulate metabolism by activating the exchange and eliminating toxins. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iodine and calcium act on the vitality of skin cells, even the defenses experience a significant improvement.

These natural elements are more easily assimilated by the body than chemical products. Therefore, we can increase our health and beauty entirety.

There are several other benefits provided by the use of seaweeds, such as the prevention and treatment of obesity and cellulite since the iodine contained in seaweed has slimming effects. It also improves the texture and quality of hair.

Seaweeds have also been effective in the treatment to relieve rheumatism, metabolic problems, as well as several physical problems caused by stress.

Seaweed biochemical analysis